The AJAN review panel give their time to review the constant stream of manuscripts received by AJAN and their expertise is crucial to the success of the journal.
Of course, we are always looking for additional reviewers and if you would like to be considered, please email the editorial office.


Tod Adams, Masters Nursing (Nurse Practitioner), Grad. Cert Aged Care, Grad. Cert. Coronary Care, Grad. Cert Health Management, Bachelor health Science (Nursing), NSW Health, SESIAHS, Shoalhaven Hospital, New South Wales

Dr Alan Barnard, RN, BA, MA, PhD, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland

Philip Benjamin, RPN, BEd, Masters candidate (MMSoc).

Claire Boardman, B.App.Sc, Grad Cert IC, MPH, CICP, Queensland Health, Thursday Island, Queensland

Sally Borbasi, RN, Bed (Nsing), MA (Edu: Research), PhD, Griffith University, Meadowbrook, Queensland

Cathy Boyle, RN, BHScN, MMHN, Clinical Fellow ACU, Prince Charles Hospital and Health District, Chermside, Queensland

Carolyn Briggs, RN, RM, Dip. CHN, BA, MA, DN, University of Technology, Sydney, New South Wales

Matiu Bush, MPH, Alfred Health, Melbourne, Victoria

Julie Considine, RN, RM, BN, EmergCert, GDipNursAcuteCare, MNurs, PhD, FRCNA, Deakin University-Northern Health Clinical Partnership, Victoria

Dr Marie Cooke, RN, DAppSc (Nsg & Unit Management), BAppSc (Nsg), MSPD, PhD, Griffith University, Nathan, Queensland

Mary Courtney, RN, BAdmin, MHP, PhD, FRCNA, AFCHSE, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland

Wendy Cross, RN, RPN, BAppSC, Med. PhD MAICD, FRCNA, FACMHN, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria

Trish Davidson, RN, ITC, BA, Med, PhD, Curtin University of Technology, Chippendale, New South Wales

Judith Dean, RN, Midwife, BN MPHTM PhD Candidate, Queensland Health and Griffith University, Meadowbrook, Queensland

Tess Dellagiacoma, RN, BA, MA, NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care (DADHC), Sydney, New South Wales

Dr Michelle Digiacomo, BA, MHlthSci (Hons), PhD, Curtin University of Technology, Chippendale, New South Wales

Jim Donnelly, FRCNA, RMN, SRN, NDN, CertApprec.Obst.Care, ICU Cert, BAppScAdvNurs, MBA, Asset Management, Melbourne, Victoria

Sandra Dunn, RN, PhD, FRCNA, Senior Nurse Advisor, Dept of Health, Northern Territory

Trisha Dunning, RN, Med, PhD, FRCNA, Geelong Hospital, Victoria

Kaye Ervin, Cert Nurs, BaNurs, BaEd, MaEd, MaNP, GradDipBus, University of Melbourne, Victoria

Dr David Evans, RN, PhD, University of South Australia, Adelaide, South Australia
Jenny Fenwick, RN, PhD, Curtin University, Western Australia

Ritin Fernandez, RN, MN(critical care), PhD Candidate, Sydney South West Area Health Service, Sydney, New South Wales

Joanne Foster, RN, Renal Cert, DipAppSc(NsgEdn), BN, GradDip(CIEdn), MEdTech, MRCNA, QLD University of Technology, Red Hill, Queensland.

Karen Francis, RN, PhD, MHLthSc, Nsg.Med, Grad Cert Uni Tech/Learn, BHlth Sc, Nsg, Dip Hlth Sc, Nsg, Monash University, Churchill, Victoria

Deanne Gaskill, BAppSc (Nsg), GrDipHSc (Epi), MAppSc (HEd), Queensland University of Technology, Ash Grove, Queensland

Sadie Geraghty, BA (Hons), BSc(Hons), MMid, MEd, PhD candidate, Edith Cowan University, Joondalup, Western Australia

Elizabeth Gillespie, RN, RM, SIC, Peri-op Cert, MPubHlth(Melb), CICP, Nurse Immuniser, DipPM, Southern Health, Clayton, Victoria

Dr Judith Godden, RN, PhD, BA(Hons), DipEd, University of Sydney, New South Wales

Judith Gonda, RN, RM, BAppSci (AdvNursing-Educ), MN, PhD, Australian Catholic University, Brisbane, Queensland

Dr Jennene Greenhill, RN, PhD, MSPD, GradDipAppSc, RPN, BA, Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia

Marianne Griffin, RN, BArts, PeterMacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, Victoria

Rhonda Griffiths, RN, BEd (Nsg), MSc (Hons), PhD, University of Western Sydney, New South Wales

Ruth Harper, BSc, RGN, MA, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria

Dr Ann Harrington, RN, BEd, MNg, Flinders University, Bedford Park, South Australia

Dr Louise Hickman, RN BN, MPH (UNSW), PhD, A/Lecturer, University of Sydney, New South Wales

Debra Kerr, RN, BN, MBL, Grad Cert (Research and Research Meth ods), PhD, Senior Lecturer, honours Coordinator, Victoria University, Victoria

Virginia King, RN, MNA, BHA, BA, Southern Cross University, Lismore, New South Wales

Dr David Lee, DrPH, MPH, GradDip (CritCareNsg), BAppSc(Nsg), FRCNA, FCN (NSW), Carlton, Victoria

Geraldine Lee, MPhil, PGDE, BSc (Physiology), RGN, Albert Park, Melbourne

Dr Zerina Lokmic, BAppSc (Medical Laboratory Science), BAppSc(Hons), MSc(Nursing), PhD (Biomedicine), Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Joy Lyneham, RN, BAppSci, GradCertEN, GradDipCP, MHSc, PhD, FRCNA, Monash University, Victoria

Dr Jeanne Madison, RN, MPH, PhD, University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales

Elizabeth Manias, RN, BPharm, MPharm, MNursStud, PhD, CertCritCare, FRCNA, The University of Melbourne, Carlton, Victoria

Dr Peter Massey, RN, GradCertPublicHlth, DrPH, Hunter New England Health, Tamworth, New South Wales

Jacqueline Mathieson, GradCert(Cancer and Palliative Nsg), GradDip(Cancer and Palliative Nsg) (in progress), PeterMacCallum Cancer Centre, Richmond, Victoria

Katya May, RN, RM, CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife,USA), NP (Nurse Practitioner in Women’s Health,USA), MSN, BA, Gold Coast TAFE, Griffith University, Brisbane, Queensland

Dr Jane Mills, RN, PhD, MN, BN, Grad.Cert.Tert. Teaching, Monash University, Churchill, New South Wales

Kathleen Milton-Wildey, RN, BA, DipEd, MA, FCN, University of Technology, Sydney, New South Wales

Anne McMurray, RN, BA (Psych), MEd, PhD, FRCNA, Murdoch University, Mandurah, Western Australia

Wendy Moyle, RN, PhD, MHSc, BN, DipAppSci, Griffith University, Nathan, Queensland

Dr Maria Murphy, RN, PhD, Grad Dip Critical Care, Grad Cert Tertiary Education, BN Science, Lecturer, La Trobe University, Victoria

Jennifer Pilgrim, MNursStudies, BAppSci(AdvNsg), RN, RM, MRCNA, Royal District Nursing Service, Greensborough, Victoria

Dr Kay Price, RN, DipT (Nurse Ed), BN, MN, PhD, University of South Australia, South Australia

Jamie Ranse, RN, FACN, FCENA, BNurs, GradCertClinEd, GradCertClinEpi, MCritCarNurs, Canberra

Marilyn Richardson‑Tench, RN, PhD, ORCert, CertClinTeach, MEdSt, BAppSc (AdvNsg), RCNT (UK), Victoria University, Ferntree Gully, Victoria

Dr Yenna Salamonson, RN, PhD, BSc, GradDipNsg(Ed), MA, University of Western Sydney, New South Wales

Nick Santamaria, RN, RPN, BAppSc (AdvNsg), GradDipHlthEd, MEdSt, PhD, Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia

Afshin Shorofi, RN, BSc, MSc, PhD, Flinders University, South Australia

Sharon Slack, BN, RN, MN (Urol & Cont), Masters Candidate (Research) MCNA, CQUniversity, Mackay, Queensland

Dr Winsome St John, RN, PhD, MNS, GradDipEd, BAppSc (Nsg), RM, MCHN, FRCNA, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Queensland

Dr Lynnette Stockhausen, RN, DipTeach, Bed, MEdSt, PhD, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, New South Wales

Julie Sykes, RGN, Bsc(Hons Health Care Studies (Nsg), PGDip(health Service Research and Health Technology Assessment), WA Cancer and Palliative Care Network, Nedlands, Western Australia

Emily Tomlinson, BN (Hons), PhD, Deakin University, Burwood, Victoria

Dr Chris Toye, RN, BN (Hons), PhD, GradCert(TertiaryTeaching), Edith Cowan University, Churchlands, Western Australia

Victoria Traynor, PhD, BSc Hons, RGN, University of Wollongong, New South Wales

Thea van de Mortel, RN, BSc(Hons), MHSc, ICUCert, FCN, FRCNA, Southern Cross University, Lismore, New South Wales

Lesley Wilkes, RN, BSc(Hons), GradDipEd(Nurs), MHPEd, PhD, University of Western Sydney and Sydney West Area Health Service, New South Wales

Dianne Wynaden, RN, RMHN, B.AppSC(Nursing Edu), MSc(HSc) PHD, Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia

Patsy Yates, PhD, RN, FRCNA, Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove, Queensland


Mahmoud Al-Hussami, RN, DSc, PhD, Assistant Professor & Department Head, Community Nursing, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordon

Yu-Mei (Yu) Chao, RN, PhD, MNEd, BSN, National Taiwan University, Taipe, Taiwan

Petri Collins, MACN, MNSc, GradDipEd, TAE Cert, TESOL Cert, Consultant, the Netherlands

Dr Robert Crouch, OBE, FRCN, Consultant Nurse, Emergency Department, Southampton General Hospital, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Natasha Hubbard Murdoch, PhD(c) (EADM) MN CMSN9C) RN, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Canada

Jennifer Lillibridge, RN, MSN, PhD, MRCNA, Associate Professor, California State University, Chico, California, USA

Anna Skripnik Lucas, RN, BSN, MSc, DNC, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA

Katherine Nelson, RN, PhD, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Davina Porock, RN, BAppSc(Nsg), PGDip(Med‑Surg), MSc(Nsg) PhD(Nsg), Professor of Nursing Practice, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Michael Pritchard, EN, RGN, Dip(HigherEd), ENB(ITU course), BA(Hons)SpecPrac and ENB Higher award, MAdvClinPrac, ENB TeachAssClinPrac, Clatterbridge Hospital, Wirral, united Kingdom

Vince Ramprogus, PhD, MSc, BA (Hons), RGN, RMN, Pro Vice Chancellor/ Dean of Faculty, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, United Kingdom

Colin Torrance, RN, BSc(Hon), PhD, Sport and Science University of Glamorgan Pontypridd, United Kingdom